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Creative Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Sell a Listing

We’re not calling you insane, but if you’re still marketing your real estate business and your clients’ properties the same ways as every other agent and expecting better or different results, then….well, you know the rest. In this article, we’re...

Why Is Advertising so Important to Business?

As far back as Ancient Egypt, advertising has served a critical purpose in the business world by enabling sellers to effectively compete with one another for the attention of buyers. Whether the goods and services your company provides are a...



1. TARGET SPECIFIC NICHE MARKETS Everyone may be a prospect for your product or service. But your marketing efforts will produce the best results for the lowest cost when you target prospects with the greatest need for what you offer. Identify a...


How To Get a Great Deal by Selling your Car?

Selling one’s car can be an ordeal because of the emotions attached with it, not to mention the tactics employable. Your car was perhaps the first asset that you purchased and have many memories associated with it of going on long drives with your...

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